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MATABLITAR.COM– I was born in a small city. And I love very much that place. The place where I was struggling, a place where I was growing up. Everyone calls it Blitar. Blitar is a small city that has distinctive social orders. This general public contrast happens in light of the way that Bitar city includes a few tourism places where each place has its own specific culture.

Tomb of Soekarno in the most popular. It is one of Blitar’s main tourist attractions. Visitors can see many displays and exhibitions in the opposite tomb. Besides the tomb, visitors also can see the national museum and library national.

Based on, there’re 6 places that you should visit when staying in Blitar.

1. Kelud Mountain

The charm of the beauty of the mountain is certainly the main attraction for some people. The charm of Mount Kelud is no exception. Mount Kelud is one of the tourist attractions in Blitar that offers natural beauty.

You will enjoy the beautiful view of the lava dome of Kelud Mountain. To see the lava dome, you need to go to the top. But not to worry, because it has provided a ladder made of cement to get to the top. To enjoy this beautiful view, you only need to spend as much as Rp. 5 thousand, but if the weekend entry fee becomes Rp. 10 thousand.

In addition, this tourist sport also provides a flying fox, as well as hot springs.

2. Teletubbies hill

Teletubbies Hill is not only in Bromo, but Blitar also has Teletubbies Hill that is no less beautiful than the one in Bromo. Referred to as Teletubbies Hill because it has the exact same shape in the Teletubbies children’s series.

In Bukit Teletubbies, you will be treated to a beautiful natural view of Kelud Mountain. Bukit Teletubbies also has awesome photo spots such as blimps. Cool atmosphere and charming green hills, make this place a lot to visit. To enjoy the beauty of Teletubbies hill, admission is free.

3. Penataran Temple

Penataran Temple or Palah Temple is one of the tourist attractions in Blitar that you can visit. Penataran Temple is the largest bathing complex in East Java. In this location, tourists can watch a charming view of the sunrise against the background of the temple building.

The grandest and widest temple in East Java is located on the southwest slope of Mount Kelud which is at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. More clearly, Penataran Temple is located in Penataran Village, Nglegok District, Blitar Regency, East Java.

4. Tambakrejo Beach

Tambakrejo Beach is the most popular tourist spot in Blitar. Tambakrejo Beach is located in Tambakrejo Village, Wonotirto, Blitar. It is located only about 30km from Blitar City.

The white sand charm of Tambakrejo Beach makes you feel at home for long on this beach. With a large expanse of white sand, you can freely play to your heart’s content.

Well, it’s best if you visit this beach, you go home in the afternoon waiting for the sunset. Because the beauty of the sunset on the beach is very beautiful and spoils the eyes.

Don’t forget to capture the beauty of this beach, it would be very unfortunate if you did not take the picture here. You can also get around Tambakrejo Beach using a fishing boat with only Rp. 15 thousand each.

5. Loji Pinus Forest

Blitar also has a beautiful pine forest, the Pinus Loji Forest. Pinus Loji Forest Tourism is not far from Mount Kelud Climbing Base Tulungrejo Village.

The entrance ticket to this area is only Rp. 3 thousand each. Besides having awesome view photo spots, cool atmosphere, and enchanting green trees, making this place visited by many millennials

6. Gumuk Sapu Angin

Gumuk Sapu Angin is located in Resapombo Village, Doko District, Blitar Regency, East Java. Gumuk Sapu Angin brings the concept of a viewing post selfie spot with a beautiful and stunning natural charm.

From this tourist spot, you can look at the splendor of Mount Kawi and Mount Kelud. This place is certainly very suitable for you who like photography and want to calm the mind.

Well, that was a row of tourist attractions in Blitar with quite affordable entry fees. These attractions are suitable for you who want a vacation with a limited budget.

Anyway, One more that everyone knows that place. That is Chocolate village is an educational tour that carries chocolate as its main attraction. We can learn various forms of cocoa here, from nurseries to cocoa, processing cocoa beans to cocoa, to processing cocoa into various kinds of processed products.


Reporter : Udin
Editor : Fikri

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